Back To The Future


Adidas Originals has one of the most dense and extensive archives in footwear history. So it’s no surprise that they sometimes bring back an old favorite to appease the retro enthusiasts. They have done it again, and while I am no retro-addict, I am completely into the Tech Super that is being brought back. This shoe was originally for the athletes training for the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona.

The Tech Super’s are scheduled to be released January 2013, they feature a mesh, nubuck, and leather construction. The color palettes are what really give the shoe a true retro feel, 90s pastel yellow and bright pink are among the many colors available. Most of the time when you think of 90s and pastel you envision a horrific and tacky sitcom set from that period (think Saved by The Bell diner type ugly). But these are not off-putting at all, they are amazing, and I want them now. But like everyone else, I have to wait until January. The Tech Super will be available at Berlin’s Overkill and other Adidas Originals stockists.





Source: Hypebeast

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