Palladium Chai



 Filson creative director Richard Chai is no stranger to collaboration. From Keds to Original Penguin he has been taking very established brands and putting his unique spin, centering on strong tailoring, on every one. After giving a teaser in his show during February’s New York Fashion Week, Chai is debuting his collabo (that’s how us cool people say collaboration) with Palladium. For those not familiar with Palladium Boots, get to their website quick because they are hands down dope. I have always been a fan of Palladium footwear and now that Chai has taken the shoe and added his magic touch to them, they are officially a must have. Using his now famous architectural approach to designing, Chai has taken the classic Pampa Tactical and Pampa Hi and given them cleaner lines, given the body of the shoe a luxurious felt makeover, and lined them with soft sheep skin leather. Compared to similar footwear the $120-$160 price points aren’t bad at all. You can pick up a pair at any of their flagship stores, select retailers, or their webshop.









Source: Hypebeast

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