Order Up!*



 In what is usually practiced by brands featuring formal attire, Levi’s has just started a Made-To-Order Project in its store in the Meatpacking District of New York City. This will not be for any tuxedos, suits or tailored dress shirts; this will be for the sole purpose of customizing denim. You read that right, they are giving customers the chance to build their very own pair of bespoke jeans from scratch. This is certainly not a brand new concept, but monumental because you are using the classic 501 Levi’s as a base and making them your own. The design is really all up to you, from materials (6 raw selvedge fabrics and washes and 8 sundries choices), fit, thread color, patterns and every other facet of the jeans. They are making sure this will be your dream pair of jeans, and after you make them, they keep the design on file for your future use. The customized jeans will start at $450 and will take around 2 weeks to complete. So if you have ever wanted to design your own jeans or feel you can’t find that perfect pair, get over to New York’s Meatpacking District if you can and make it happen. I’ll take an order of grey denim, orange stitch on the side please.


*The title works better if you pretend you are a line cook in a noisy restaurant when you say it.






Photos: John Ong/Hypebeast



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